Door flanges for electric transport vehicles

We are proud to contribute to the further development and continuous innovation of electric mobility as a manufacturer of fibre-reinforced plastics. The “Door flanges and windshield” project for our valued customer StreetScooter from Aachen, a subsidiary of Deutsche Post DHL Group, represents our company’s largest project to date. It includes components for over 17,000 vehicles, which means we have produced over 51,000 components in total.
Thanks to our expertise and experience in the production of fiber reinforced plastics, we have managed to achieve cycle times of up to 9 components from one mold per job shift. This efficient production enables us to guarantee our customers fast and reliable delivery on time.
We are convinced that our materials and products will make a significant contribution to the environmental friendliness and sustainability of commercial vehicles. We look forward to continuing to work with our clients on important projects in the future.

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