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Engineering and Development

In addition to our modern infrastructure and high-quality production, we also offer the associated services for you.

We support our customers from product development to manufacturing, from conceptualization and process selection to the optimization of production processes.

Composite Technologies

Composites offer a fascinating array of material combinations that can be optimized for nearly any application.

These characteristics, when combined with our extensive experience and efficient manufacturing techniques, enable us to deliver the best possible product for your specific applications.

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CNC processing

Rexhi is proud to have a modern CNC facility that allows us to manufacture high quality GRP products with the highest precision and efficiency.

Our CNC facility allows us to offer our customers faster delivery times, consistent quality and a wider range of designs and configurations.

Composite editing

With our advanced CNC system, we can machine your components with high precision and realize the exact geometry for your specific requirements.

Model and tool making

We have the opportunity to mill models precisely with our CNC system and produce tools in-house to ensure fast and efficient production.

Processing & Support

As a comprehensive complete solution provider for composite components, Rexhi offers you all the services required for a complete production process.

This includes professional processing in our modern paint booth, carrying out assembly work and repairs, rounded off with a suitable logistics solution.

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Plastics are characterized by a variety of properties, including flexibility, hardness, transparency, insulation, durability, and lightweight. They can also be waterproof and exhibit high chemical resistance. The specific properties vary depending on the type of plastic and its composition.

Plastics are synthetic polymers with diverse properties used in many areas, such as packaging, construction, and electronics. They are produced through polymerization and can be recycled to reduce environmental impacts. Improperly disposed plastics can, however, cause serious environmental problems, especially in oceans. Research focuses on biodegradable alternatives and improved recycling methods to address these challenges.

The term “plastic” is often used synonymously with “plastic”. In fact, there is no technical difference between the two terms. Both refer to synthetic polymers produced through polymerization. However, “plastic” is more colloquial and commonly used in everyday language, while “plastic” may be more frequently encountered in technical or scientific contexts. Ultimately, both terms denote the same material.

Plastics are processed using methods such as injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, compression molding, and CNC machining. Injection molding involves injecting molten plastic into a mold, while extrusion creates continuous profiles such as pipes. Blow molding is used for hollow parts like bottles, and compression molding for solid parts. CNC machining enables precise shaping of plastic parts based on digital designs.

When processing plastics, it is important to control the temperature to avoid melting or deformation. The proper speed, feed rate, and tool selection are crucial for clean and precise results. Adequate cooling and effective chip removal contribute to improving surface quality. Safety precautions should be taken to prevent injuries.

In the mechanical cutting machining of plastics, including CNC processes, several important aspects should be considered. It is crucial to select the appropriate material to account for the specific properties of the plastic. The selection of tools and cutting conditions, tailored to the plastic material used, is essential for achieving precise results. Additionally, adequate cooling measures and effective chip removal are required to prevent deformations and enhance surface quality. Safety precautions should also be observed to ensure a safe working environment.