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Engineering and Development

In addition to our modern infrastructure and high-quality production, we also offer the associated services for you.

We support our customers from product development to manufacturing, from conceptualization and process selection to the optimization of production processes.

Composite Technologies

Composites offer a fascinating array of material combinations that can be optimized for nearly any application.

These characteristics, when combined with our extensive experience and efficient manufacturing techniques, enable us to deliver the best possible product for your specific applications.

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CNC processing

Rexhi is proud to have a modern CNC facility that allows us to manufacture high quality GRP products with the highest precision and efficiency.

Our CNC facility allows us to offer our customers faster delivery times, consistent quality and a wider range of designs and configurations.

Composite editing

With our advanced CNC system, we can machine your components with high precision and realize the exact geometry for your specific requirements.

Model and tool making

We have the opportunity to mill models precisely with our CNC system and produce tools in-house to ensure fast and efficient production.

Processing & Support

As a comprehensive complete solution provider for composite components, Rexhi offers you all the services required for a complete production process.

This includes professional processing in our modern paint booth, carrying out assembly work and repairs, rounded off with a suitable logistics solution.

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