Design and Calculation

Our expertise in consulting is rooted in our extensive experience. Our goal is always to develop the most efficient and best-suited solution for you. Achieving this requires not only a well-thought-out concept but also meticulous attention to detail. Our engineers utilize state-of-the- art CAD software and design tools to create a detailed three-dimensional model of your component. If you’ve already provided us with a model, we will thoroughly review it and, if necessary, make suggestions on how to make the component compliant with composites.

A well-crafted and complete CAD model of the component is a fundamental requirement for many subsequent processes, such as tool design, CAM programming, CNC machining, or transportation planning, in order to create a high- quality product. Therefore, we place great importance on ensuring that our CAD model accurately encompasses every detail of the design and meets the requirements of the respective manufacturing processes. We offer targeted consulting to find the ideal production technology and the best cost-benefit ratio for your component. Our team assists you in selecting suitable materials and processes. We take care of the conception, structuring, and planning of your project down to the smallest details.

Our service encompasses a wide range of tasks, including material selection, choosing an appropriate manufacturing method, technical design, product calculation, and design, as well as (serial) production process planning, cost-efficient estimates, and planning work. With our expertise, we can ensure that you receive the necessary consultation early on so that you can start your project with confidence.