As an experienced manufacturer of fiber-reinforced plastics (FRP), we offer our customers an important additional service: the assembly and bonding of FRP components. This work is essential for optimal functionality and durability of the components. Particular attention is paid to the structural bonding of composites and other materials for the rail vehicle industry, where error-free bonding is particularly important.

Our experience and DIN 6701 certification prove our professional competence. Regardless of whether it is a simple bonding or complex assembly with several components, we carry out the work in close coordination with the requirements and wishes of our customers. We are also certified as a welding company according to EN 15085 and can therefore easily install metallic add-on components with welded versions.

Our experienced team is equipped with the necessary know-how and the right equipment to assemble and bond GRP components precisely and reliably. We rely on modern technologies and materials to guarantee a secure and robust connection of the components. We attach great importance to precision in order to achieve a perfect fit of the individual parts so that complete system solutions can be delivered. The integration of composite components into higher-level designs is also no problem for us and allows you to save time and resources.