RTM Light - Resin Transfer Molding

The RTM-Light process or VA-RTM (Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Molding) offers an innovative and cost-efficient solution for the production of geometrically complex components in small and large quantities, with a particular focus on excellent surface quality. An outstanding feature of this process is its efficiency, which is reflected primarily in the reproducibility and the reduced cycle times. By introducing the dry reinforcing material into the mold and then injecting the matrix material (resin and hardener) under vacuum, RTM Light enables the production of complex components with precise properties.

Compared to the conventional RTM process, RTM Light offers decisive advantages, especially with regard to the costs of molds and tools. Optimizing tool and mold design in the RTM Light process leads to significant cost savings because it requires less material and energy. This cost efficiency makes the RTM Light process particularly attractive for production in smaller quantities without compromising on quality. The precise fiber placement, the high fiber content, the first-class surface quality, the all-round shaping and exact geometry as well as the high temperature resistance are guaranteed and underline the technical superiority of RTM Light.

Our commitment to continuous improvement and quality assurance is confirmed by extensive certifications, including ISO 9001 from TÜV Rheinland since 2007, Q1 supplier to Deutsche Bahn and certifications as a welding and bonding specialist according to EN 15085 and DIN 6701. These awards illustrate our commitment to not only offer efficient and cost-effective manufacturing processes, but also to meet the highest quality standards.