Composite editing

Milling GRP or CFRP is not comparable to milling work on metallic materials. Fiber-reinforced components have a completely different material structure and behavior, so completely different parameters and cutting tools are necessary. With three decades of experience in machining fiber-reinforced components, Rexhi offers first-class results in machining FRP components, including precise cutting edges, accurate holes and cutouts, and smooth surfaces.

We have sufficient capacity to process composites with the highest precision using our CNC system (manufacturer: EiMa, travel distances: approx. 5 x 3 x 1 m). Our facility allows us to produce complex parts quickly and efficiently, resulting in time savings and increased productivity. In addition, by using our CNC system we can achieve greater reproducibility, which means that we can always guarantee consistently high quality and accuracy. In short, our ability to machine fiber-reinforced plastics with CNC machines allows us to deliver fast, precise and consistent parts that meet our customers’ exacting demands.