Technology / Processes

RTM Process

RTM - Resin Transfer Moulding

Currently we have 5 RTM machineries
with a capacity of 4 liters / min


Hand Laminate Technique

Manufacture of components
in almost any size possible


Vacuum-Infusion Process

High surface quality and fiber content
Well suited for large components


Prepreg Technology

Tempering furnace with temp. up to 150°C
and dimensions B260xT100xH55cm

Competent solutions from one source.

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Our manufacturing solutions are fitted to the individual requirements for final product. By combining fiber material and resin we create a product that meets though its technical and mechanical characteristics your requirements.

Reinforced Plastics - A decision for the future.
Plastics provide weight reductions, thus saving resources and reduce environmental pollution.

FRP is a very wide range material. It has superior physical properties that can be optimized for any application. No matter what problem you have or what solution you are looking for, contact us. As the saying goes: Nothing is impossible!

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