True skill requires no effort.
...but precise project management.
A basic requirement for optimal throughput of a job and the professional carry out is a very good project management. It ensures the high quality of the product.
This is also certified by the use of ISO 9001-2015 certificate, after which our company is certified. Already in the preparation of a quote for your components and products, it is our duty to carry out a feasibility analysis and resource planning to ensure the perfect realization of your request. Thus, the project management already before production.

The moment you confirm an order with us, a systematic process starts that ensures the proper throughput of your order in our company. Every process is planned to the smallest detail. We will create a project plan and a milestone plan in writing. This milestone plan documents every important single step in fixed dates during the project and will be constantly reviewed and updated.
Milestones such as: order confirmation, document verification, model making, tool making, production planning, quality planning, inspection planning, material sourcing, prototyping, first article inspection, and production start are part of a solid project plan, which is standard in our company.
The same procedure also applies to a single items or a small series. Here the nature and the cost is different, but without a consequent planning a competent carry out is not possible.

Planning. Implementation. Realization.