Plastic Processing

Plastics – The most multifaceted material in the world.

Though the skillful combination of glass or carbon fiber with one of many resin systems we create the material FRP (fiber reinforced plastic) that is fitted perfectly to your requirements. By combining different materials we achieve a perfect adaption of the part, no matter if it is flammability, capacity, abruption, flexibility or weight reduction. This new created material which is a kind of plastic is a thermo set and exceeds the quality of the original material by far. The above named fiber-reinforced composites are subdivided into two groups:
GRP - glass fiber-reinforced plastic and CRP - carbon fiber-reinforced plastic
Both fiber reinforced materials, GRP and CRP differ in their characteristics and have a wide variety and a lot of good features. Both differ in the fiber material which is used and embedded into resin, either it is a glass fiber = CRP or a carbon fiber = CFR.
To achieve the optimum there is big range of manufacturing techniques we can use. We use the given abilities in our daily work to specify the requirements of your components with our knowledge to achieve the highest quality and of cause also produce in the most economic way.
The cost-effectively produced plastic components made of high quality raw materials are the result of our expertise in GRP and CRP materials.


Highest Quality and Precision
for your components!

From a variety of possibilities we always search for the perfect process for your task in the broad group of fiber reinforced plastics, or just short FRP.