Model and Mould Making

Precise model and mould making is the key to high-quality fiberglass components.

The form in perfection.

During the construction of a FRP component, the subsequent type of production is determined largely. In our model building workshop a model of the future plastic part at a scale of 1:1 is created. You will now be able to see the final shape of the component as it will look like.
To create the model of a component we use different processing techniques and materials. The currently most frequently used method to mill, with up to a CNC milling machine using computer recorded records, from a block of the material.
This ingot consists of a polyurethane material with different material densities, of which the most optimal matching model is selected.

Rexhi Formenbau

Precision in design and technology.

Rexhi Modellbau
If your component was conventionally formed on the drawing board and you have a set of detailed drawings on paper, we turn again to the small-scale production and the model is made from wood materials, such as laminated MDF panels, by one of our model builder specialists.
In both cases, we provide a very accurate model of the component, which we will deliver to you later.
The next step to the finished fiberglass part is the deduction of the shape of the tool in which your part should be made. Here we decide the selected procedure in which your component will be made. Whether or wet hand lay press, hand layup, RIM, RTM, resin transfer moldingor fiber-filled syringes. Each method has its specific tools and conditions that are critical of the mold. The shapes are made from special mold resins, glass fiber fabrics and rowing fibers. After the form is completed, the back is reinforced and polished. Now everything is ready for the production of your components.