A good strategy is above everything.

But often many things are still unclear in advance that have to be clarified first. It sometimes happens that you want to achieve something with our plastic products because you expect an advantage here. The idea can be realized? Is it inexpensive to implement? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the individual plastics and their impact on a particular procedure? Does a plastic part give you the expected benefits and if so in what form?

Here we can help with our expertise in plastics.

Consulting and Planning

Contact us and tell us your requests, your idea and talk to us about your expectations. Through our experience we archive a optimal solution, far in advance of realization. We first check whether the issue can be implemented and whether it can provide the desired benefits. If it benefits your needs we will work closely with you to find the best way to realize your request.

This includes the following steps in finding a thermoplastic design and implementation in a drawing or a record: The establishment of an appropriate manufacturing technology. The construction of the corresponding 1:1 model of the component and subsequently the deduction of a mold. After a prototype is built a first article inspection of the first manufactured part is made together with you. If everything is according to your wishes and ideas we give the production free to the series.
All will be previously fixed in a project plan in writing and will be filed with individual milestones.